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Our Vision

Here at Merry-Land Academy we know how important your child is to you.  In caring for your child, we strive to be the very best.  That is why we have a four star license.  A center that provides a higher quality environment for children, higher educated and experienced teachers, and a higher rate of compliance with child care regulations, will receive more stars

Merry-Land Academy combines the social aspect of interaction among several children with high quality, one-one-one attention in a comfortable, nurturing atmosphere.

We want to help your child develop socially and emotionally.  Therefore, we blend loving care with good nutrition, educational basics, and plenty of fun, fresh air, and rest.  We believe that a healthy and happy child is the product of a healthy and happy environment.

We are proud to offer your child high quality child care.  Merry-Land Academy is your child’s home away from home.



Your child will be learning educational basics and important preschool concepts with our Creative Curriculum Program. The Creative Curriculum Program offers learning activities, art and craft projects, music, creative movement, activity poems, stories, games, health and safety lessons, science, math and physical education skills based on the children’s current interests. We believe that learning is best facilitated in an environment which is challenging, hands-on, and of course, FUN!

Nutritious Meals

We serve a nutritious breakfast, lunch and p.m. snack to your child each day at no additional charge. We make every attempt to provide enjoyable and healthy meals. We have set high standards on what type of foods will be served to the children. We plan our menus to include whole grains, low fat and low sugar. Our menu includes fresh fruit, minimal juice, and high protein foods with whole, 1% or soy milk. It is our goal to make sure that all of your child’s nutritional needs are met while in our care. Parents are always invited to join us for any meal or snack.



Our infant room has been designed especially with the comfort, play and early learning stages of babies in mind. Your infant will feel right at home in the bright cozy surroundings. With our low infant to teacher ratio, there will be plenty of hugs and loving attention to go around.

Ones and Twos

In our one and two year old classes, the children will enjoy developmentally appropriate activities which facilitate development of the “whole child” –social, intellectual, emotional, and physical. Every activity in our classrooms is created to help your child explore, share and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.



In our three and four year old classes, we will help prepare your child for kindergarten. Our teachers will observe the development of your child in the areas of large and small muscle skills, pre-writing and thinking skills, language and social skills, and self-help skills. Your child will be involved in hands-on activities which will allow him/her to learn through experimentation and exploration. We will encourage the development of higher order thinking skills in your child.